A Signature Sign by Suzelle




'A Signature Sign' is a visually presented research study that will educate and enlighten you.

The content shows detail of symbolism created naturally in the flesh and shown in photographs.

It provides a scientific base for theorists and others interested in this specific area using informative details + material.

Poem by Suzelle:

Life is like a box of chocolates, centres full until diminshed;

seasons past us around and around, until the time comes up to pound;

Into the box that holds us there, in memory for those to stare, they wish us well and shed a tear and ponder over hopes and fears, knowingly true that they'll be there in memory for those to stare. 

Not a thought that holds much meaning, chills the spine and makes us think, evey life must do it's justice, lest the day comes up to pound, heaven sent you will be found, every life do yourselves proud.